Product Prioritization
Salesforce's IdeaExchange is a best-in-class enterprise product feedback platform. It empowers Salesforce customers and partners to post, vote, and comment on product ideas at a grand scale, many of them becoming product features.
Setup Assistant
A feature which provides Salesforce Administrators a centralized tool for configuring their orgs, products, and features.
App Publisher
An intuitive interface for developers to add data and publish apps on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise App Marketplace.
App Details Page
An application detail page focusing on information hierarchy and page structure. Key features include a page navigation for quick access to sections, large product screenshots, versioning, and additional resources.
Design System
A robust design system built from the ground up including typography, color, navigation, form elements, content components, data tables, cards, and more.
Content Platform
A thought leadership and technology content platform integrating multiple categories, topics, and recommendations.